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Topics: Poverty, Family, Social group Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Socio-economic factors
The society we live in and the resources available to us affect our health. These include such factors as:
• social class
• employment
• housing
• income
• education
• accessibility of services
• media
• gender
• culture
• religion.
Income and expenditure
The economic resources that you or your family have can make a major difference to your quality of life. A person’s weekly income enables them to pay for their accommodation and to buy food and clothes. Income mainly comes from; wages from employment, profits from your business if you are self-employed, benefits paid by the government, money from invested wealth, such as interest on bank accounts or bonds and money raised through the sale of property you own. Being out of work is likely to mean that you live on a low income. You will also be affected if your parents live on a low income. people who have to live on very little money are lone-parent families, the unemployed, the elderly,single earners and unskilled couples (where only one person works in an unskilled job). A child living in a low income home might have poor diet and also less chance of having the latest phones, clothes, games or toys which can lead to being bullied. They also have less access to computers or books to help with school work which could lead to them failing and being unemployed. Positive influence would be well-off households may be able to afford good quality housing, diet and educational opportunities. Negative influence would be low-income households may experience stress and may have poorer quality housing, diet and educational opportunities. Housing

Poor quality housing is associated with poor health. Dampness and mould might increase the risk of allergic and inflammatory diseases including asthma. Poor housing is also more likely to have problems such as poor lighting, non-safety glass in windows, loose rugs and poor maintenance of stairs, which may result in accidents. Overcrowded...
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