Sociology- the Education System and Children Underacievement

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 29, 2011
“Discuss how far sociologists’ would agree that working class students underachieve in the education system is due to labeling processes that happen in school?”

I will be discussing whether the students underachieving is due to the labeling process’ in school or if there are other reasons for this, and how sociologists may agree with it.

Working class students can underachieve from the labeling process. When a student is labeled they tend to start believing in that itself as they have been told that they are what they have been labeled and may feel that they might as well be what people see them as, they can’t make them change their mind, this is known as the self fulfilling prophecy its starts with the setting which how they may become labeled, which can lead to them being streamed which makes them feel they are what they are being labeled and then act on them which will therefore make them true.. Working class students may also underachieve from there background and how they’ve been brought up, maybe by their parents attitudes towards them and the education system, friends and other family members thought and opinions on them in the education system, it may also be the motivation they may or may not receive. This can also be because of the material deprivation they have as they may not be able to afford the basic or advanced equipment needed for schooling, which can set (a) student(s) back whilst other students who may not be struggling to cope with material deprivation are doing well. Another reason may be of the speech and language patterns, if an Asian student came to school in Britain and did not know much of the British language, and may not understand the speech patterns, they would find it difficult to learn as they would not be able to take in what their teachers are teaching them and that when writing an assessment they cannot pronounce themselves properly, they will get a lower grade then they would of if they knew the language and speech...
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