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Topics: Middle class, Working class, Social class Pages: 2 (1003 words) Published: October 20, 2014

1. Gendered Socialization is the process in which one learns the “correct” way to live according to their gender. I learned at a very young age what is socially acceptable and expected from a man. When I was younger I had a friend named Dylan Baldwin. Like most kids our age, Dylan was very emotional. One day, I was over at his house after school and Dylan was having a very rough day. The kids at school had been teasing him as usual and when he opened the refrigerator only to find out that his favorite yogurt was finished he finally cracked. Dylan began crying hysterically and his father rushed to his side only to yell remarks such as, “Men don’t cry Dylan! Stop that! Be a man!” I was shocked because whenever I started crying my parents would comfort me and tell me everything would be okay. I had no idea that men weren’t supposed to cry. I thought everyone cried and that it was a part of human nature to express how you feel. This is an example of men being taught to suppress their emotions in an attempt to seem “manly” and “macho” because in today’s society emotions are made out to be feminine and weak. 2. In Scheper Hughes’ passage, “Death without Weeping” she perceives “indifference” to be the mother’s of Alto do Cruzeiro nonchalant attitude towards the death of their children. In a town where “the average woman experiences 9.5 pregnancies, 3.5 child deaths, 1.5 still births” and not to mention “seventy percent of all children deaths occur within the first six months of life” it is not hard to see why a mother would start to have a “Why even bother?” type of attitude. The mother’s attribute a version of life to the babies. If a baby is born prematurely or is born with a sickness the mother’s are told by the doctors, “This baby does not want to live. This baby it not strong enough”. The mothers’ indifference to the baby deaths is linked to the indifference that the Church and State has on the issue. Hughes believes that the mothers are forced to become...
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