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Topics: Crime, Statistics, Sociology Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Are men more prone to committing more crimes than women?
Men are more likely to commit more crimes than women
What method?
Secondary data – Data that’s already published
Statistics from police headquarters
Graphs – to compare the number of crimes men make against women over time Why did you choose this method?
It gives the availability of measuring the history of men and women committing crimes Positives
Easy to access
Time consuming
Objective to the study (leave emotions out of the study)
Not all crimes are reported which could mean the statistics could be invalid Can only look at statistics from a small minority
I am finding out if men are more prone to commit more crimes than females. My hypothesis is that men are more likely to commit more crimes than females. I aim to use quantitate data throughout my investigation to test my hypothesis. The first piece of secondary data I aim to use will be quantitate which will be past records from the police headquarters which give statistics on how many women and men have committed crimes in the last year. This will give me an indication of how many women to men have committed a criminal offence. However, this method may show as a disadvantage due solely to the fact police the records available will only give quantitate data on one minority which may show to be not valid. The second piece of secondary data I will use are graphs to compare the number of crimes men make against women over time. These methods are beneficial as they are all easy to access which will save times. However, this method of using secondary data can be seen as a disadvantage as not all crimes are reported to police headquarters which could mean statistics could be invalid.
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