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Topics: Education, Higher education, Sociology Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 7, 2012
My research topic relates to the six Societal Institution with Family, Economics, and Education. With family its affected because with family it is first and without family you will fail most of the time. With economics you need money in order to get a higher education without money you will not be able to do anything. And education is important in my research topic because the fact that without education there will be only mindless people, and nobody will be educated therefore we will be living in a third world country if everybody was uneducated.

The societal institution family is one of the most important institution to my topic because without the students family there will be fairness in the students life. The students need family for them to help them be successful. The students need family support most of the time when they are getting a higher education. Sometimes when the students do not have family support they are confused on what they are doing.

With economics, well everybody is seeing that education is getting more and more expensive every year. Not every student is gifted with a million dollars to go to school and get a degree therefore they have to work for it sometimes or get some loans. But economics has a big impact on my topic because of all the factors that money goes into. Because without money the student wont be able to go to school, and if they students doesn’t go to school they wont be able to make any good money , which is a “catch 22” situation.

The last one is education because the fact of without education there will be no school. Education has a big role in people that are low in money getting a degree because of the cost. People need to get educated so they could be successful which means education has a big role in getting a higher degree. And if the professors were not educated they will not teach the students that are trying to learn well. So the students need good teachers for them to try and improve their life’s, and to...
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