Sociology Reflection

Topics: Sociology, Institution, Society Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 19, 2013
It is through sociology that scientific study of the great social institutions and the relation of the individual to each is being made. The home and family ,the school and education,the church and religion, the state and government ,industry and work ,the community and association, these are institutions through which society functions. Sociology studies these institutions and their role in the development of the individual and suggests suitable measures for restrengthening them with a view to enable them to serve the individual better. The study of sociology helps us to know not only our society and man but also others, their motives, aspirations, status, occupations, traditions, customs, institutions, cultures etc. In a huge industrialized society, our experience is comparatively limited. We can hardly have a comprehensive knowledge of our society and rarely have an idea regarding other societies. But we must have some insight into an appreciation of the motives by which others live and the conditions under which they exist. Such an insight we derive from the study of sociology. Sociology is essentially the study of human interaction.

With this in mind, you can apply sociology theories and ideas to any scenario of daily life dealing with person to person interaction or even to an individual in regards to the society.

For example, when you meet with a friend you treat that friend a certain way. Your actions usually fall between the "social norms" of society. Meaning you won't be overly mean or overly nice to your friend.

Relating to social norms is the idea of conformity. You may find yourself doing things you might not normally do just because others are doing it. A good example of this is sitting in a classroom and responding to a teacher’s question. If a teacher asks to see a show of hands of who agrees with a certain idea or thought and you go to raise your hand but you see that no one else has raised their hand, it's likely that you'll hold back...
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