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AQA AS Sociology

SCLY2: Education with Sociological Research Methods

Student Guide

According to sociologist Michael Rutter we spend 15000 hours in the education system. Consequently the schooling process has a large role in forming our personalities. For some, education also manages to act as a way of socialising people into the norms and values that are seen to be important for a particular society. For others it can be seen as a source of conflict particularly when issues surrounding gender, class and ethnicity are put under the sociologists, ‘microscope’. It also provides an excellent indicator of how political ideology affects social policy, with the changing of governments impacting on educational policy. Some questions sociologists are interested in about education are: Why do some pupils achieve more than others?

What is the relationship between education and the economy?
What is the purpose of education?
Do pupil’s school experiences vary?


The course will be assessed by examination only.

The examination will consist of various short answer question and essay style questions.

Date of Exam: June 2010
Duration: 2 hr

The Unit 2 exam is worth 60% of your final AS level grade. There will be 90 marks available on the paper.

You will answer one question on the chosen topic, one question on sociological research methods in context and one question on research methods.

Assessment Objectives

AO1 Knowledge and understanding of the theories, methods, concepts

a) The nature of sociological thought
AS and A Level candidates are required to study the
following concepts and theoretical issues:
• social order, social control
• social change
• conflict and consensus
• social structure and social action
• the role of values
• the relationship between sociology and contemporary social policy.

b) Methods of sociological enquiry
Sociological research involves the use of a range of methods and sources of data. All AS and A Level candidates are required to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these methods and sources, and to understand the relationship between theory and methods, particularly in the way sociologists deal with: the collection of primary and secondary data

the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data using appropriate concepts factors influencing the design and conduct of sociological research practical, ethical and theoretical issues arising in sociological research.

c) Themes
AS and A Level candidates are required to study two
• socialisation, culture and identity. (family)
• social differentiation, power and stratification. (education).

AO2 Demonstration of the skills of application, analysis, interpretation and evaluation

a) Collection and recording of evidence
AS and A Level candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to: analyse and evaluate the design of sociological investigations analyse and evaluate the method(s) used in these investigations to collect and record evidence. This could be achieved by candidates designing and conducting a sociological investigation.

b) Interpretation and evaluation of evidence
AS and A Level candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to: distinguish between facts, opinions and value judgements
select and apply a range of relevant concepts and theories
interpret qualitative and quantitative data
identify and evaluate significant social trends shown in evidence evaluate theories, arguments and evidence.

c) Presentation of evidence and argument
AS and A Level candidates are required to demonstrate their ability to: organise evidence and communicate arguments in a coherent manner demonstrate an awareness and understanding of theoretical debates in sociology use evidence to support and sustain arguments and conclusions.

What will I learn?
1 The role and purpose of...
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