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(2) Growing up as a child I was made to believe that Parents are always right and we as children should always obey whatever our parents tells us to do whether we agree or not. a large part of our African society has turn our parents into mini gods that should be obeyed always without questioning and disobeying them is a taboo. The question here is are parents always right? looking back from when I was a child to being an adult, I have always been an obedient child doing everything my parents asked of me which made me one of their favorite but when I look at my life right now things didn’t turn out the way my parents and society promised it will. Am grateful though but my answer to the question if parents are always right will be that parents are human beings who can make mistakes though they are needed in our society to look after children that's going to lead the nation in the future, this doesn't mean that they are always right and their ways must always be followed. As they said, 'Nobody's perfect'. which means, parents are not excempted in this saying. They have some ways that may lead their children to danger and wrong doings. A large number of people in our society says that parents are always right and must always be followed because they lead us in a better future while others disagree and say that Parents are not always right. In some ways, they are also usually the reason why their children are not being successful with their future. Look around you. Look at the little kids roaming around the city asking for food, coins or even searching for food in garbage. They're even eating the rottened one just to get by the hunger. Whose fault do you think is it? Parents of course. If their parents put effort with their life, their children must not be like this by now! Those supporting the notion are also children before. Considering the fact that they also have their parents trying to brighten up their future before. But what did they do? They just wasted the...
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