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Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Neo-Piagetian theories of cognitive development Pages: 9 (3330 words) Published: October 15, 2013

The use of sociology can be attached to any persons life. Sociology is the study of human behavior, whether it be the origins or the development. Different influences and locations can affect what truthfully defines us, and sociology determines the why. Through my life I've observed multiple events that can be attached to sociology.

Since first glance my gender role has been chosen. The doctor took one look at my sex and defined my gender as a male. After being assigned as male, an ascribed status had been placed upon me as my parents son. Its a status that is neither chosen nor earned but assigned. I, like every other person, sought to achieve something beyond what has been assigned to us. This is the basis of an achieved status.

My parents brought me home from the hospital, and from there I was exposed to their way of life, their culture. Since I was labeled as a male, the way they raised me to be different than the way they raised my sister. They knew that society, people who interact in a defined territory and share a culture, had strict rules on the way that boys and girls were to act. In the American culture boys are suppose to like the color blue, playing sports, and getting muddy; while girls we're suppose to like the color pink, play with dolls, and stay prim and proper. I, however do not find interest in most sports, and my sisters and I always played outside together.

As I grew up I observed many forms of discrimination, the unequal treatment of various categories of people. My mother was born in Mexico, while my father was born in the United States. I was born into a different race then some, a socially contracted category of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of society consider important. I'm proud of my heritage, but in the United States being Mexican-American means that I'm considered a minority, any category of people distinguished by physical or cultural difference that a society sets apart and subordinates. Being a tan skinned minority has work both for me and against me. There have been times where people attach me to common Mexican stereotypes, a simplified description applied to every person in some category. There have been times when I've had to disprove common prejudice against hispanic people, a rigid and unfair generalization about an entire category of people. But nothing has hurt me more then when I moved Alabama, and I was called a wet-back. I was either 11 or 12, and I had walked into a gas station. My father had just been stationed to Fort Rucker, and we were driving there from California. The guy at the counter took one look at me and made a comment about how Mexican people we're taking their jobs. He then insinuated that I was stealing something and called me a "dirty wet-back". My father jumped to my defense, and told me to go get into the car. I don't know what he said to the man, but we never talked about the situation again. Racism, the belief that one racial category is innately superior or inferior to another, has been attached to utter disgust since this instance. Fort Rucker was the worse duty station that my father ever got stationed too.

I never thought that a mere sentence could carry such an impact. I was only in the fourth grade the first time I heard the insult "you're gay." The first time I heard it I didn't even know what it meant. I never really did anything major to make myself what some would consider a target. Around the early 2000s, these colored bracelets had become a new popular trend. When you gave someone a bracelet, if they broke it they had submit to some form of act because they were a symbol for different meanings, anything that carries a particular meaning recognized by people who share a culture. All I did was tell a girl I didn't want to have sex with her because I broke a black bracelet she gave me. This incident would end up being one of many to follow. I remember going home and having my mother explain to me what...
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