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Topics: Sociology, Feminism, Feminist theory Pages: 3 (1441 words) Published: June 24, 2014
Functionalism –
Definition: Functionalism is a sociological approach which understands the importance of a society working together where each and everyone makes clear contribution towards the smooth running of society. Key people - Auguste Comte created the term "sociology" and is known and viewed as the first sociologist. He made a strong point on the links of the many different social elements as being the beginning of modern functionalism. Emile Durkheim – Emile Durkheim was known as the father to sociology. He thought of Sociology as a scientific discipline. Durkheim was one of the first people to explain the existence and quality of different parts of a society by the role they played in keeping society healthy and balanced. This is known as functionalism. Criticisms to functionalism - Does not address the problems found in society. Highlights areas of agreement, positive functions and teamwork. Functionalism believes that the way people behave in the result of the socialisation process not because of the choices we CHOOSE to make. There is no explanation or reasons for bad behaviour or even criminal behaviour. Marxism – Marxism is a structuralist model as well as being a conflict model. This idea was first developed by Karl Marx. He thought that an individuals behaviour was moulded by society but he also believed that the econimic system defined society and peoples places within it. Marx believed there were two social classes; one being Bourgeosis or Capitalists which were the small powerful group that owned factories and other places of employment; and the other being the Proletariat which was a larger group of workers that the Bourgeosis employed. His opinion was that these two social group would always be in some sort of conflict e.g. the owners of the business wanting to make higher proft and the employees wanting higher wages. This is the reason Marxism is known as the conflict model. His thoughts were the conflict would lead to a revoltion....
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