Sociology Outline

Topics: Sociology, Karl Marx, Scientific method Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Characteristics of the Sociological Perspective
seeing the strange in the familiar
seeing the general in the particular
understanding cause and effect at the group level
understanding the effect of the social environment on the individual The Mathew Effect- Phrase was coined by Robert Merton. We take people that have initial advantages (i.e. money) and it takes people who start with disadvantages (poor) it penalizes them.

Ex. Rich get low interest rates on loans, poor get high interest rates from banks. 3.
-Social marginality
-Social crises – ex. Hurricane makes your realize how much you depend on everyone else for everything. i.e. food, water, truck drivers. 4. August Comte – Founded sociology as a discipline. French social thinker coined the term “sociology” The scientific method of psychology. Positivism – faith in science and reason as the path to knowledge to TRUTH. The Enlightenment – late 1600’s to early 1700’s – Period in European history in which science/reason replaced faith/religion as the dominant values in society or the dominant way of knowning.

Industrial Revolution
-new technologies
-capitalism (Adam Smith 1776 wealth of a nation)
-Shift from extended family to nuclear family
-Rise of representative democratic government (replacing autocratic monarchies) Karl Marx – Communist Manifesto (1848)
-In a capitalist economy a recession occurs when the workers are not paid enough to buy back their product they’re producing. i.e increase workers wages. -In a capitalist economy the only thing that is collectively owned is the national debt.

9. Dramaturgical analysis compares social life to a play or theatrical performance Paradigm effect: the idea that our belief systems affect how we see and experience the world. We do not see “reality” in its entirety but through our paradigm filters. Affecting how the world “shows up” for us (Thomas Kuhn) 10. Positivist Sociology the study of society based on a scientific...
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