Sociology on Privatizing College for Profit

Topics: Sociology, Higher education, Education Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Prof. Swiheart Michael Cox

The Bastardization of Higher Education

The entire video hits on the privatization of universities and how they are becoming mcdonaldized to the point that they are pushing students through just for the dollar signs instead of the reason for higher education. The video is a direct conflict between these pop up universities and schools that have rich history such as “ivy league” or traditional universities. Most of these newer universities are a convenience in that they are mainly on line instead of the traditional class room setting and these for profit universities are accelerated instead of taking the full time to earn a degree and actually retaining the information.

From the view of structural functionalism the” for profit” universities are breaking the norms set forth by the masses based on the traditional standards of universities. Employers are not recognizing these new schools as credible because they are not offering the correct training that universities offer, according to, in fact, Phoenix University is being placed on probationary status for failure to comply with accreditation criteria. Also their prices are outrageously high (about twice as much as a traditional four year institutions). Functionally, from within the structure, is built to make money and all of their parts are put in place not for the sake of education, but for the sake of making money. They help the school survive by lobbying investors to throw money at failing schools and then revamping them with accelerated programs boasting a degree that employers want but in half of the time that it would take otherwise. People are drawn to this because we are in need of instant gratification and we need things done quickly so that we may move on to the next project.

The conflict prospective fits this case relatively well, of course conflict theory fits everything when one is as pessimistic as I am. The power...
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