sociology of the family

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The Sociology of the Family Assignment 1

LATE WORK ONLY: I understand that I am submitting this piece of work late and that the late submission rules will be applied. Student signature:Date: Receipt below to be retained by the learner.

Feedback Section

You must attempt ALL parts of this work to count as a first submission. Failure to demonstrate a good attempt at of all sections may result in the work being classified late. You MUST hand this front cover and associated task sheet in with your work when you submit. Please ensure you’ve completed the self-evaluation box and signed the statement of authorship on the front page. The grading information and task(s) are on the following page(s).

Grading Information

The work will be graded against these indicative contents. These grades will contribute to your overall unit grade.

General Assignment Guidance is given on the following page. After this you will find your assignment tasks.

General Guidance

Complete all sections of the following assignment.

Consider the presentation of your work. You should aim to complete the work as neatly as possible, word processing the work where that’s appropriate.

Ensure all parts of the work are collated neatly and stapled together or that the complete assignment is handed in using ONE poly-pocket (NOT one per page!)

Include an estimated word count (actual word count is required if the assignment detail requests one)

Include a bibliography which lists the resources (books, websites, journals, magazine articles) you used to inform your work.

After October half term, your bibliography will need to be presented using the Harvard format that you have been taught in order to achieve the highest Grade 5 (communication and presentation) / Grade 7 Quality grade.

Remember, the highest grades are achieved where breadth and depth of skills is demonstrated. Use your course diary and tutorial targets to reflect on how you are doing using tutor feedback.

You can develop your skills so you get the highest grades!

The Sociology of the Family
This assignment is a 1,200 word essay, in which you will do the following: 1.1 Analyse the processes of change in the structure and function of the family 1.2 Explain the reasons for changing roles and relationships within the family. 1.3 Distinguish between a range of family and household types. 1.4 Evaluate the impact of cultural differences in relation to family diversity. Hints & Tips

1.1 In order to analyse the processes of change on the structure and function of the family you need to weigh up all the arguments for strengths and weaknesses. As a guide you need to be referring to Talcott Parsons, Wilmot & Young and George Murdoch. Discuss the impact of the Industrial Revolution on family structure. (Approximately 400 words) 1.2 To explain the reasons for the changes in the roles and relationships, you need to discuss the changes in society that have had an effect on the roles and relationships. (400 words) 1.3 You must then describe the range of household types in modern society (200 words) 1.4 You must then evaluate the impact of cultural differences on the family. Has cultural diversity had an impact on family life? (200 words) You should read a chapter on the family in a level 3 to add to add to your understanding and to guide further research. Your essay should be justified and you should use double line spacing and size 12 fonts. Use a plain font such as Arial or Calibri. As said before concentrate on spelling and grammar and proof read your work before handing it in. Good Luck.
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