Sociology of Religion

Topics: Religion, Islam, Faith Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: October 4, 2013

“The quest for meaning or truth is as strong as ever, but Americans are looking for peace and spirituality in different forums than in the past” – Jerry Adler In the testimony of the Christian, it seems very traditional in Nancy Thomas became very involved within the Church. Her spiritual quest was upheld when she felt an exciting experience in the summer of 1957. Empowerment was clearly seen as she explains here phenomenon as she “felt as if the lord himself game me his hand to hold” and “felt an overwhelming inner peace that I had never experienced before.” According to Adler, Empowerment requires the intensity of effort and it was proven as she felt changes in her life as she accepted Jesus Christ. The bible is the standard for everything she does and has a deeper love for a person showing the intensity of her efforts to be morally strong. A major reason in which this woman is much faith is due to her belief in salvation. Salvation is needed in order to go to heaven and is only achieved through Jesus. The belief in the afterlife is a highly potential reward and is a reason for living. She began to take in children and become foster grandparents for children in Orphanage. Being taken in into a loving family allowed them to have a better chance to accept god in the future, where 5 out of the 9 kids she brought became devout Christians, which shows the influence of a family. In the testimony of the Mormon example, Marlena Tanya was an unchurched woman, who was separated from the religious rigors of Judaism and divorced all family ties. At an early age she was a born into a Jewish family, but her religious life seemed mundane as it seemed she was not spiritual but instead going through motion which was a dysfunction in religion. She “accepted the traditional meals and celebrations, but her other ‘second half’ was watching from another vantage point- quiet, serious, searching. Interestingly, as she had the traits of being a seeker, she would also potentially...

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