Sociology Norms

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When I was a senior in high school, everyone around me was rushing around filling out college applications and writing their entrance essays. All of the guidance counselors in high school were always talking about college. They made sure you applied to at least two, it was almost like they were pressuring you to go to college. I like to make my own decisions, rather than people tell me what to do, especially if I do not need to do it. I never took any AP courses, and I only took the SATs once. My counselor questioned me why I did that, I only had my mind on one college, n University. I made sure I did everything I could do to ensure I would get accepted and not have to apply to any other colleges. I only took the SATs once because I knew the score I had to beat to get into , doing so the first time I did not take them again.

Many of my friends were applying to five or six colleges, hoping they would get accepted to one. Because I knew exactly where I wanted to go, I did not have to do that. I did not waste my time and money taking unneeded tests. I chos because a few of my family members also attended here and I knew a lot about the school before attending. is also one of the only colleges that had my major, Commercial Recreation. Because most colleges do not give this as an option as a major, I did not have many choices to choose from for a college. The other colleges that did have a variation of my major were either too expensive or too far away in another state. is only forty minutes from my home and has a decent tuition price; which made it a good choice for me.

During the first couple months of senior year, I was getting very anxious and just wanted to be accepted to so I did not have to think about it anymore. admissions gave the option of doing an “On-Site Decision”, this means that you would have to go to a meeting with the admissions counselor so they can read your application and essay to find out if you are going to be accepted or...
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