Sociology Midterm 100

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Criminology Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Part 1
Question 2
In Chapter 1, you learned how variations in the level of social solidarity affect the suicide rate.  How do you think variations in social solidarity might affect other areas of social life, such as criminal behaviour and political protest?

Both Political protest and criminal behavior are the acts and motion of rebelling against the society as a whole. The behavior of political protest and doing a crime is because they interacting infrequently and sharing few beliefs, values and moral standards. They are lack of emotional support and cultural guidelines for their actions. As well as lacking of commonalities, criminal behavior and political protests occurs because of no social integration, since they don’t have social bonding with the society. In contrasts, I believe criminal behavior could be done in both degree of solidarity. Criminal behavior could occur from the category of low solidarity simply of sharing few beliefs, values and moral standards. On the other hand, criminal behavior could occur in a high solidarity situation as well, for example suicide bombers. It’s a criminal act that suicide bomber oppose to do and I believe they are categorize in the high solidarity category, because they feel when a member of a such group perceive that the group is threatened they are likely to be willing to sacrifice their life to protect the situation. This means criminal behavior contradictorily could happen because a person’s social integrations are highly built and knitted with the society as well.

You have been assigned a research study that examines possible discrimination against men in child custody cases.  What will be the population(s) you will study?  How will you sample the population(s)?  How will you account for sex, race, age, income level, and other characteristics in your population(s)?  If you took a qualitative approach, how would your methods differ?

If I am assigned to research and examines possible discrimination...
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