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Topics: James Bond, Goldfinger, Gender Pages: 5 (1808 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Critically discuss the difference in gender representations by conducting a comparative analysis of characters in Skyfall and Gold Finger James Bond’s evolution of over fifty years had led to various types of illustrations and interpretations of gender and how it’s portrayed within its films, in particular, its known role. For example the recent release of the latest instalment of the James Bond series Skyfall (2012) featuring Daniel Craig, compared to the first James Bond character played by Sean Connery, in which sets a precedence to the stereotype known today as ‘James Bond’. Gender roles can be defined as character, which distinguishes the behaviours and outlooks that humanity reflects appropriate for males and females (expressed through masculinity for males and femininity for females.) To understand gender representations in today’s society and within the James Bond series of films we need to first briefly discuss what is the major difference between masculinity and femininity? Firstly the most known and common difference between males and females is ‘sex’; these natural orders essentially distinguish genders separately. Along with organs related to reproduction and biological differences. However gender as a collective is a social, not a living characteristic. The sociological implication of sex is controlled by the governing members of humanity. Gender effectively guides one’s life and life experiences, opportunities’ for possessions, supremacy and importantly prestige. It’s fair to say gender is a structural feature of society. The article “Shaken and Stirred: A Content Analysis of Women’s Portrayals in James Bond Films” explains how males and in particular females are portrayed within ‘James Bond’ films in the twentieth and twenty-first century. From the very first fictional espionage ‘James Bond’ novel published by Ian Fleming in autumn of 1953, Fleming smoothed the way for a global film audience that has lasted and continued to grow for over fifty years, and today is frequently recognized as one of the world’s commonly recognised fictional characters. Directors globally have remade the intensified socio-political and Cold-War tensions throughput the famous eleven novels, short stories and films of ‘James Bond’, in which film audiences have been treated to the journeys of James Bond, with great mass media display, and associated with each new publication. The main mould to the known ‘Bond Formula’ along with exquisite vehicles, a demonic rogue, pioneering devices and alcoholic beverages, is the plethora of gorgeous women. The current plea of the utopia in Bond films relates deeply on eye-catching women which matches to the bond character. Prominent females are pivotal to the story line and overall tone of the films. Every Bond flick has numerous female characters that constantly lure, side track and assist James in his latest assignment. Stereotypically, at least one unique “bond girl” is mainly salient. A woman with a courageous nature, calculating characteristics, strong potential for passionate entanglement with, Bond and a sense of self-confidence whose name is Pussy Galore in the film Gold Finger, with Sean Connery. The ‘bond girl’ in the film Skyfall though Severine with Daniel Craig. Severine aided Bond to help with his mission considering they were both after one common goal to capture Raoul Silva (the villain). From the time era of Gold Finger to Skyfall; it is clearly examinable that the seriousness of women in motion pictures became one of seriousness and pleasure, gradually over time though, it’s been more physical and mission constructed, rather than the classical portrayed and orthodox image of ‘James Bond’ According to an analysis by Stern and Mastro (2004), they both replicated the long-established findings with regard to women’s role – females remain harshly diminished, they are considerably younger than their male colleagues, and they are represented as effective only when thin,...
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