Sociology in Christian's Prespective

Topics: Religion, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Sociology in Christian’s Perspective Based on the Bible Talking about human seems like a never-ending story. Especially in this globalization era, everything is rapidly changed (technology, life style, politics, economics, cultures, mores, etc). Thus, we can’t easily understand what really being happen in human’s life. We need a various knowledge which include the whole life to reveal some questions, such as who man really was, what the main purpose of man’s life is, what the relation among all people of this world are and how that relation can take places in human’s life. That’s why we need to compare it with what the Bible said about human itself and his society, so that we can know the absolute truth. In this paper, I am trying to explain the study of sociology both in secular and Christian’s perspective. According to Schaefer (2007), “Sociology is simply study of social behavior and human groups. It focuses on social relationship; how those relationships influence people’s behavior; and how societies” (p. 5). This state clearly tells us that the main object of sociology is human being and his society in life. Bryne (1977) stated that “The aim of sociology itself is to assist people to understand themselves and others more adequately and objectively as they associate and live together” (p. 279). That might be enough for the secular perspective, but not in Christian’s view. Bryne (1977) added that “Christian sociology should show what a Christian society is and how it is accomplished” (p. 279). So, to the Christians, sociology is the study that implies the Christian ideal for human associations according to the Christians’ values in life based on the Bible. What makes the difference between Christian’s perspective and secular in sociology? The answer lies on how people see the human beings itself both as an individual and social beings. Soelaeman (2005) stated that human is a creature that has his own personality and specific behavior in his self. Then,...

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