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Short Answer Question-

Q1- ideology and emergence of Sociology
Answer - The term ideology refers to a set of ideas which presents only a partial view of reality. An ideological viewpoint also include 'value'. It involves not only a judgment about the way things are but also the way they ought to be. For Marxists, ideology is a set of beliefs and values which express the interest of particular social group. Karl Mannheim distinguishes ruling class ideology or ruling ideology from Utopian ideology. The Ideology of contemporary thinker social thinkers eg – August Comte, Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max webber etc played a very important role in the emergence of sociology as modern scientific discipline. August Comte stressed the adoption of scientific method of analyzing society so that we might improve society through understanding of it. His famous phrase – to know, to predict, to control- is his ideological and scientific in nature, This early implication of scientific analysis of society shaped the future of sociology amongst other thinkers. Emile Durkheim, Max webber and karl marx enriched sociological thinking with their scientific and rational logical ideology. This scientific and ideological views of all thinkers were the consequence of philosophy of enlightenment., the French revolution 1789 and the industrial revolution od Mid 18th century.

Q-2 Method of science and sociology

Science is a body of organized and verified knowledge secured through scientific observation, Scientific method consists of the following steps – observation- lab experimentation, Objectivity , value neutrality, variable conclusion, Subject matter of sociology is such that the scientific method is applicable as well as not applicable at certain areas eg . 1, Study of sociology do take into consideration for scientific methods for data gathering- eg interviews, FGDs, Questionnaires, sociometry, demographic data. Etc. 2, Sociology has observation and comparison and...
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