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Statement of Problem

For many years music was seen as a gateway to enter the soul and calm the mind from a stressful day. The smoothing sound of music would help to people, especially those who were going through a rough time. As the years passed the purpose and aim for music has shift to the purpose of personal gain and unjust propaganda, but at least not all hope is lost; the Herbert Morrison technical High band sculpture people to appreciate the music way, therefore instilling values and morals; that can prepare them for the working world. Therefore this study will look at the Herbert Morrison Technical School Band and how it contributed to the personal development of its members.

Topic: How does the Herbert Morrison Technical High School Band Association contribute to the development of students of the Herbert Morrison Technical High School.

Aims and Objectives
* The influence of the band on the development of discipline. * The influence of the band has on its member in academic performance. * If the band is a source of motivation.
* The impact on the development of positive values among its members.

Literature Review
The Herbert Morrison Technical High School Band Association came in existence under the leadership of Mr. J. Lloyd Whinstanley its principal and Professor J. Grimes, which was developed in 1979, between the agreements of the two. In its humble beginning it was under the leadership of Professor J. Grimes and Miss Suba, and in late 1979 and early 1980. Mr. Carl Matthews was bought in to bring Jamaican style toward the band; Professor J. Grimes and Miss Suba were students doing their study and were understudy to Mr. Matthews. Miss Glen and Mr. Maynor were other band directors who stay for at least a year and Mr. Matthews took over fully in 1985 and entered the band for the first time “Costa Bravo” and got silver. The achievements of the programme from 1984 have won National Awards and have won more than 100 gold medals and more than 75 national awards trophies, and has awarded by Jamaica Confederation of Musicians and Artist twice for their contribution of music in the Western Jamaica.                  The role of the Herbert Morrison technical High School Band Association, “to promote through the performing arts, the musical expressions of our students, thereby ensuring the preservation and continuity of artistic achievement”; which is also the motto. This society mobilizes and trains students of the institution; in performing arts, music academia, leadership, social skills, and extra-curricular activities which will prepare them for the market place and develop their wellbeing to become influential persons in society. This society serves as a safe haven for many students who attend the institution; it is not only a society, but also a family. In planning and organizing musical activities that meet the needs of students, the school and the wider Montego Bay community, the music department has streamlined its programmes to now include the Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Stage Band, and Junior and Senior Choir. According to Anna Strassmann Mueller, extracurricular activities such as band, debate, or soccer provide settings within schools for adolescents to develop facets of their personalities that contribute to their emerging independence and their eventual assumption of adult roles. Extracurricular activities offer opportunities for leadership, travel, skill development, and social engagement and integration in the school. There is growing evidence that adolescents, who are involved in extracurricular activities, are generally happier and healthier than their uninvolved peers. In particular, research suggests that extracurricular participation positively influences adolescents’ psychosocial development, problem and risk behaviours, relationship formation, and perhaps most importantly, their...
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