Sociology Homework Assignment Module 2

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Running head: Sociology Homework Assignment 2

Sociology Assignment Module 2
Christopher Wilson
Allied American University

Author Note
Author Note
This paper was prepared for Sociology 135, Homework Assignment Module 2 taught by Susan Fournier.

Directions: Listen to the audio file below and then answer the questions that follow. Your response should be at least two pages in length and utilize the vocabulary from chapter 4. Be sure to define the terminology used to help complete your discussion.

Click HERE to access the audio file. If you have difficulties opening this audio file, please access the audio link on the Module 2 Homework Assignment Introduction page in iBoard.

1.What can we learn about the microsociology of Japan from this story?

2.Is it possible to make any macrosocial observations? Please explain your answer.

3.How does the commentator's role and social status affect her social interaction? In your response, discuss how your role may differ from what she may be accustomed to in the United States.

Contemporary Japan

Listening to the Japan audio file the writer comments on the culture of not looking into the eyes of people. The writer assumes she is just invisible and cannot be seen by anyone. I found it very interesting in the fact that she states “by not looking into others eyes, Japeneese people are giving themselves space.

To me this tells me that while Japan historically and traditionally value honor and family; they also might like there space. Also could possibly learn that there society and sociological means put an emphasis on work, education, and family. A person could make a hypothesis that the reason for no eye contact is to refrain from potential conversation that could disrupt their busy lives. As the author put it she compares the society with the subways and people of New York. This could be fear or getting robbed, or other fears. This could also mean...
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