Sociology Final Exam study sheet 7th ed

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Social stratification Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Introduction to Sociology, The Essential, 7th edition, 2013 Chapters 1-12, Final Exam Study Sheet
Professor Steve Christiansen

1. Know what sociology is.
2. What is the sociological perspective?
3. What is the empirical approach? What is diversity?
4. What do sociologists study?
5. Who is August Comte?
6. What is positivism?
7. Who is Karl Marx? What is conflict theory?
8. What is anomie? What is acculturation? What is assimilation? 9. What is culture? What is material culture? What is non-material culture? 10. What are symbols, language, norms, beliefs, mores, laws and folkways? 11. What is ethnocentrism? What is multiculturalism?

12. What media source dominates American culture?
13. What are the steps in creating a research process?
14. What is socialization? What is tabula rasa?
15. What are a hypothesis, dependent variable and independent variable? 16. Explain nature v. nurture?
17. What is the difference between micro and macro analysis? 18. What are race, class, gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation? 19. Know the various sociological theories. What is achieved and ascribed status? 20. What are primary, secondary, tertiary groups? Why is race a social construct? 21. What is the difference between deviance and crime?

22. What is triadic segregation?
23. What is elite deviance?
24. What is the difference between formal and informal deviance? 25. What is elite deviance? What is white collar crime?
26. Explain conflict theory. Explain labeling theory. Explain Merton’s strain theory. 27. What are social bonds? What is criminology?
28. What is the racial make-up of prisons in America?
29. What are UCR crimes?
30. What is social stratification? How is social class measured? 31. Explain social mobility in the U.S.
32. What is wealth? How is most wealth obtained in America?
33. Explain race, racism, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, life chances. 34. Explain homophobia, same sex marriage, and sexual...
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