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Topics: Nuclear family, Sociology, Family Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: May 18, 2014
5 – 7% of people live in a same sex relationship
9/10 single parent families headed by woman
24% of families in the uk single parent
5% live in traditional nuclear family
19% live in a neo conventional (new nuclear) family
Families have 1.8children on average
Current average living age is 39.6
Birth rate 10.7 per 1000
Death rate 10 per 1000
1901 600,000 people died

Quotes M NR Fe Fu Pm David Marsland – depending culture, dependent on the welfare state Murry – underclass, sponging of the welfare state, defined by underclass by benefit system and is likely to have low morals Stephen Wagg (1992) – He argues that although all humans go through the same stages of physical development, different cultures construct or define them differently. So different societies see these stages in different ways (childhood is not the same in all societies). Jane Pilcher (1995) – She suggests that the most important feature of the modern idea of childhood is separateness. That childhood and adulthood are very separate stages of life. Ruth Benedict (1934) – She argues that children in similar non-industrial societies are generally treated very differently to western children. They take responsibility at an earlier age. Less value is placed on children showing obedience to adults. Children’s sexual behaviour is often viewed differently. Giddens – pure love v plastic, choice in who you fall in love with Gittens – no such thing as family, only families

Lowell Holmes (1974) – Studied a Samoan village and found that children were often involved in dangerous tasks, their age was not a factor. Raymond Firth (1970) – Studied the Tikopia, in the western Pacific and discovered that there wasn't much value placed on children obeying adult authority. This is different to western societies. Bronislaw Malinowski (1957) – Studied the...
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