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Topics: Sociology, Sigmund Freud, English-language films Pages: 4 (854 words) Published: June 24, 2015
Genie: Trapped in the Lamp of Society Feb. 19, 2015 Monica Mattarollo Thurs @ 12:30 301 229 401 Ataman Avdan

Imagine being raised in a world with no society, no human interaction and in complete isolation. Would you be the same person you are today? With the same habits, traits and personality? Without a nurturing factor in your childhood, it would be likely that you would be similar to Genie Wiley, a perfect example of a child raised without nurture. The main argument of “Genie (Secret of the Wild Child)” is whether or not it would be possible for her to make up the time she lost as a child and develop normally through a nurturing environment?

Four of the “Primary Agents of Socialization” are family, school, peer groups and media (Elements of Sociology 2013). Until the age of 13, Genie Wiley was exposed to none of these. A normal child learns the typical standards of a society from their family. They are praised when they do something right and ridiculed when in the wrong. Genie had only been exposed to a “negative sanction [which is] a reaction designed to tell [someone] they have violated a norm” (Elements of Sociology 2013). For Genie this was done when she spoke, which taught her it was against the norm to speak and hindered her learning. Without school and media she was unable to socialize with peers and discover the different cultures and classes in society. Because Genie was raised in such an odd way, she most likely experienced “Culture Shock” when she was first released from the room she was held in. I would think Genie would be confused or even scared when seeing someone from a background other than Caucasian because that is all she’s known her entire life. In our society today, it is natural to see people of different race and class because we were brought up surrounded...

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