Sociology Essay

Topics: Sociology, Marxism, Social class Pages: 4 (1107 words) Published: May 14, 2014
In this assignment, I shall be exploring two factors of sociology and linking them with two sociological perspectives. The two factors that will be discussed are family and crime, which will each be linked to Functionism and Marxism. This will offer a comparative and contrasting view, to highlight differences between sociological views. The factors and perspectives will be presented using past theories to support each aspect of this discussion. As a factor, family plays a crucial role in the development and socialisation of an individual. It teaches them the norms and the social role that they will be expected to fulfil. Murdock (1949), a functionalist, described family as “a universal social institution found in all societies” and he states that the commonly structured house hold (father, mother and children) is better referred to as a nuclear family. The fundamental importance of family makes it a tool for social institutionalisation for an individual and the value consensus. Murdock (1949) also states that there are four essential functions of the family; educational, sexual, reproductive and economic functions. This particular perspective shows these four functions fulfil the family role within society. The sexual and reproductive functions counteract the mobility rate within society, whilst maintaining its population. The economic function is the family taking responsibility of tending to and overseeing that an individual is supported financially. Stereotypically speaking, the father takes the instrumental role providing financially for the family, whilst the mother fills the expressive role of nurturing the family and household. Another functionalist, Parsons agreed with Murdock’s theory regarding education. Parson states that a main function of family is primary socialisation. As previously stated it is primary socialisation which grants knowledge of the norms and values relevant to an individual’s culture within society. Further to...

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