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AS Sociology
Nik Jorgensen

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C ontents
Introduction to AS Sociology


Module 1 Families and Households


Unit 1.1 Introduction
Unit 1.2 Theoretical Explanations of the Role of
Families in society
Unit 1.3 Social Change and Families and Households:
Demographic trends and statistical evidence
Unit 1.4 Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce
Unit 1.5 Older Relatives and Children in Families
Unit 1.6 Domestic Division of Labour Debate and
Power Relationships
Unit 1.7 Social Policy and the Future of Families and

Module 2 Education
Unit 2.1 Introduction to the Sociology of Education
Unit 2.2 Developments in Education from the
19th Century to 1997
Unit 2.3 Sociological Theories of Education
Unit 2.4 Social Class and Educational Opportunity
Unit 2.5 Gender and Educational Opportunity
Unit 2.6 Ethnicity and Educational Opportunity
Unit 2.7 Government Policy and Education
Unit 2.8 Researching Education

Module 3 Sociological methods
Unit 3.1 Introduction to Sociological Methods
Unit 3.2 Primary Sources (1): Quantitative Methods
and Data: Social surveys, questionnaires and
Unit 3.3 Primary Sources (2): Qualitative Research
and Data: Observation, case studies and life
history interviews
Unit 3.4 Secondary Sources of Data
Unit 3.5 Assessing Methods
Unit 3.6 Reporting and Presenting Research

AS Sociology Revision Pack
AS Sociology Exams and Revision

AS Sociology


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