Sociology- Concussions in Sports

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion, Focal and diffuse brain injury Pages: 3 (1254 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Concussions and Their Impact on Sports
Concussions occur in every sport and lately have become a controversial topic within the field of sports. Concussion symptoms are usually noticeable but some symptoms are more subtle. If a player decides to continue playing with a concussion or has a concussion history the consequences can be detrimental to their health and overall well-being for the rest of their lives. Because of the increase of concussions due to sport activity many states including New York have passed laws containing the following three aspects. Athletes must be removed from play if they are suspected of having suffered a concussion; athletes are required to obtain written medical authorization before returning to physical activity; and some form of concussion education is required, typically for coaches, parents and athletes. In the first article Sports-Related Concussions on the Rise in Kids the symptoms of concussions are shown and risk of multiple concussions. The symptoms of a concussion are dizziness, confusion, slurred speech, fatigue and nausea. Unfortunately some symptoms aren’t noticed until days after the injury these include memory or concentration problems, light and noise sensitivity, sleep disturbances, irritability, and depression. The one problem is if a kid suffers a concussion even a mild one he or she isn’t even aware of and then suffers another there’s a chance of a brain damage. “The AAP recommends that kids who have multiple concussions consider giving up contact sports for good.” Problem with that recommendation is what number is the correct number where that should be enforced is it two, four or seven. Parents have to make the decision though ultimately even though their child may love the game they play. For 10-year-old Mick Jones of Nashville, Tenn., the number was three. His doctor told me he would not give him a recommendation," Jones says. "He said the risk for long-term injury was just too great and I agreed. Kids...
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