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Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Symbolic interactionism Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: April 13, 2014

Society began its transition from traditional ways to present day living in the 1800's, and sociology was the reason for this transition. Four events led to the creation of sociology. Skepticism is one of the events that led to the creation of sociology arises from the French and American Revolution. This idea led peoples to disbelief in the monarchy being a divine nature. The ideas were Individualism, democracy, and freedom. The second event was the start of the industrial revolution, which brought down the small business owners by being able to produce bulk products at a much faster pace. As a result of the industrial Revolution the third event occurred that led to sociology and that the was the Daily Life of people drastically changed, as people arrived into the cities they were welcomed with low pay, poverty, and dangerous working conditions (Henslin 2011). The mixture of these events caused a major disruption in society. Up until this time people blamed the sky, gods, and mystical things for the way people acted, they did not test their assumptions. Luckily for human progression, the final event happened and that was science. The sciences made major breakthroughs in finding facts. The introduction of the scientific method, which tested all theories in order to find evidence.

A man named Auguste Comte suggested that society be examined through a scientific lens within sociology. This is when sociology was born. There are three main ways of viewing society, the perspectives are; Conflict Theory, symbolic interaction, and functional analysis.

To begin, there are two level of analysis, Macro and Micro. Macro is a less intimate form of research, an example is looking at the larger group of society, whereas, micro analysis is a personal way of looking at individuals and the interactions with society. Conflict theorist and functional analysis use macro, and symbolic interactionist use a micro. Conflict theorist think that people should get involved in...
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