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Assignment # 01
The significance of eid-ul-adha in sociological perspective
Submitted to: Mam Latafat Aziz
Submitted by: Minha Tariq
Sociological Perspectives
Functionalist Perspectives.
Symbolic Perspectives.
Conflict Perspectives.

Functionalist Perspective :

Functionalist perspective largely depends upon the work of Herbert Spenser, Emile Durkheim and Talcott Parsons and Robert Merton. Talcott parsons was the proponent theorist of structure functionalism. He said that sociology is the study of structure and function of human groups. Robert Merton was one of the most influential sociologists of 20th century. The most important contribution of Robert to the society was the ‘strain theory’ .which he presented to explain the phenomenon of social deviance. He also presented these types of functions

Manifest function
Latent function

Manifest Function :

Manifest functions are intended / obvious and which people observe and expect in a social pattern. Or we can say the manifest functions are pre-planned and conscious (the basic function of some particular social institution).

Latent function:

Latent functions are basically the unintended consequences of a social system (The hidden functions).


Dysfunction is that concept that refers to the different aspects of the society that don’t benefit every person in the unhealthy or abnormal behavior with in a group of people.

Functionalism is basically based on the smooth running of society. It is the oldest and the prominent perspective of society. Functionalist perspective tends to explain the social institutions as means to meet man’s social individual needs. According to this perspective societies are ought to function like organisms. Each institution in one way supports corporation among the members. It defines society as a structure with interrelated parts Functionalism explains the society in terms of its components such as norms, customs, traditions, social institutions, values etc. it defines society as complex system whose parts tends to work together to attempt unanimity and stability. Social structure gives shapes to our lives through religious organizations, in families and the community. Every social structure has social functions as a result for the working of a society as a whole. Herbert Spenser defines society as a human body in which all of the body parts works together in harmony, just like that in a society all parts of it works in chorus with others. According to functionalists balance and order are the normal states of body. Malfunctioning in one part will truly cause interruption in other parts because society is made up of interrelated parts.

The Strain Theory of Deviance also presented by Robert Spenser says that when an individual or group of people tries to attain their goal their paths are seemed to be blocked. Everyone does not have access to success by legitimate means. It is also defines as the violation of cultural norms. Sociological perspectives explain deviance as ‘different’ or ‘unexpected’. It can be criminal or non-criminal it varies from one society to the other. The difference between deviance and crime is; violations of norms are termed as deviance and violation of any law is called crime.


Now let us relate the event of eid-ul-adha with functionalist perspective. Living in an era of evolution and technology social interaction as...
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