Sociology and C. Wright Mills

Topics: Sociology, C. Wright Mills, Ascribed status Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Mid Term Exam

1. Define the sociological perspective or imagination, cite its components, and explain how they were defended by C. Wright Mills.

Sociological imagination is the abstract conceptions of social reality which is the "individual" and "society". "Individual function that reproduces larger social structure is only one of many possible roles, and is not necessarily the most important." This in a sense makes your question what individualism really is. C. Wright Mills defended his work by starting a project of reconciliation and challenges with critiques of the grand theory" and abstracted empiricism. He would then criticize their use in the current sociology. He argues that society and its cultural symbols cannot be seen as self-determining and cannot be derived without reference to individuals and their consciousness. 2. What is meant by the terms "ascribed status" and "achieved status" provide an example to illustrate how a person's ascribed status could influence his or her achieved status.

Ascribed Status is what you involuntarily take on in life. If you were born into a wealthy family you have ascribed the wealth. Achieved status is taking on a goal and reaching the goal on your own. Becoming a fire fighter or doctor is achieved status. A way someone can influence there achieved status with their ascribed is for example, being born into a rich family, (ascribed wealth) and using the wealth to achieve a doctorate (PHD). Achieved status can also influence an ascribed status. Someone can achieve something and then there children and inherit it. For example, you achieved being a doctor, and have his own hospital. You make a family, and have borne a son. You trained your son to become a doctor so he can run your business when you’re gone.
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