Sociology and Values Escape Barriers

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cSimmel argues that the "tumult of the metropolis" (cited in Frisby 1989, p.80) creates inner barriers between people and that "sociability" (Giulianotti 2007, p.295) can transcend this problem. Discuss The social interaction between people is mainly determined on the people that we want to know and wan to interact with. This can come down to the same interests of that person in which they are attracted to such as location of where they live, hobbies, the types of clothes they wear, the music that they like listening to. These interests can create barriers to those who are different where individuals become less social to the people around them and only focus on the things that they want to focus on. Frisby (1989) argues this point through the findings of Simmel but it is only through the reading of Giulianotti (2005) that the sociability of the “tartan army” can break down interests from everyday life to form one group that removes all barriers for that particular event. Sociability can be defined as the social interaction between people, where the playful interaction through conversation creates a connection. Barriers which are formed that prevent sociability from occurring are largely determined by the consumerism of the particular individual and the certain status in which they want to obtain. The lack of sociability is being derived by major businsess and corporations as they target individuals who want a style that will make them the most popular in society. However, other individuals have chosen not to follow this as

What is sociability
Social interactions between people
Form without contents
Sociability- the pure form of what is considered to be society and which satisfies us Playful interaction

What is its relevance
Overstimulation of the senses
Overstimulation through consumerism of producers and services Materialistic values
Escape barriers

How dos the tartan army reflect sociability
No hierarchy-equal- dress code
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