Sociology and Understanding Human Behavior

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Sociology and Understanding Human Behavior
Phase 4 Individual Project Repost
Phase 5 Individual Project
Jerry Dunlap
CTU Online
Nov 12, 2012


Portions of this assignment has repurposed work from Professor Vila’s Sociology 215

In my Phase 4 Individual Project I will be taking about the sociology of sport, what sport and event I picked and why I picked them. I will talk and describe the event and the sport that I have picked as well. I will be giving a description of my field observation over the event that I watched. I will also talk about what it was like doing field work without really being in the field to do it. I will also go into talking about what I have learned from my field observation and Reflect on sports and the field of sociology of sport.

Sports are and have been for me a way to relax ever sense I was a little boy growing up and going to school. I played sports in junior high and in high school as well. Sports for many people can be a way of life or their main way of making money to live from one day to the next. I watch sports manly because when I watch them I think man I wish that was me out there on that field or on that court them I wouldn’t have to worry so much about how I am going to take care of my family. I can be watching a game and sitting there thinking as well if I could just have one of the pay checks that the players get I would be seat for a long time.

The sport that I was going with at first was basketball but after thinking about it I was like hold on there aren’t any basketball games showing on television right now so I changed it to football just to be able to do the field observation. I picked football because I grow up watching it when I was younger and I played it for three years in high school but I will be talking a little about both of them because of using both of them in my last two Individual Project.

On January 20th 1892 the first true basketball game as we know it was played in Springfield Massachusetts. Doctor James Naismith a Canadian invented basketball for the YMCA so that they could play during the winter months. He made up rules for the game and also nailed up two peach baskets for hoops. Most of the rules the he made for the game of basketball are still used but have been changed up a little bit over the years. SOCL2153

Pro basketball and college basketball are both big sports that are covered by all types of media like the news, radio, television and the internet is a big one as well. Radio has a big impacted on basketball because it allows people that can’t watch it to be able to listen to the games. The internet and new allows you to be able to keep up with states and other stuff like that on the sport and on the players as well.

The description of my field observation after watch the Sunday game between the Cowboys and Giants is there are all types of people there besides the players on the field playing the game, and coaches. There are the people that call the game and the camera people from the television channel that the game was on. There where fans, cheerleaders from both teams and referees as well. From what I could see and hear the fans where all into the game cheering and boing when bad calls were made or when there team made a good or bad play. People that where at the game looked to me like they were of all ages from little kids up to aridly people.

The players seem to show when they are upset about a bad call or a play that was ran the wrong way. The players also show off a little after they make big play or even a little play. With the part of who hangs out with whom, and what are the moods and social dynamics. I can’t really tell from watching the game on television but for the most part I would think that most of the people that go to games just hang out with the ones they go there with and the players who can really say who they hang...

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