Sociology and Tv Media

Topics: Sociology, Islam, Sense Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Dylan Carlson
TV Media and Reality
The media does distort images of real people. In most T.V shows the characters are usually attractive people no matter whether they are poor, middle class or rich. In the T.V. show Friends, one of the characters is between poor and middle class, but however is able to still have a fit body with what seems to be nice clothing. This differs from real people, because if someone in society is around the poor and middle class they usually aren’t the healthiest people and aren’t able to afford the nicest clothes. Also another example is from the T.V. show The Office. The boss of the show is very dim and doesn’t excel socially. In the show he really has no clue what he is doing as a boss and yet doesn’t get fired. However in reality if a boss did absolutely nothing and acted as the one on the T.V. show he would without a doubt not be working for to long.

The media also does influence us with our sense of reality. By using our senses, our reality is based on everything we perceive to be true. Our generation has grown up watching Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Etc. So when we watched these shows as kids, everything these characters did we started to perceive these as our social norms and we began thinking we wanted to look and act the way these characters were. This has been going on our whole life. Our sense of reality is also greatly affected by the news. All the stories we hear on the news influence our mindsets on different cultures, religion and other countries. For example, a lot of Americans do not have the greatest view on the Muslim religion due to the news deeming terrorist attacks on this culture. When in reality it is a very small subculture of people within this religion that is the cause instead of the whole religion.
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