Sociology and Social Science Research

Topics: Sociology, Social sciences, Science Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: July 8, 2013
| 1st Stage :Sociology As Social Philosophy=characterized by the inclusion of sociology in college and university offerings and taught as social philosophy=| * | Fr. Valentin Marin from University of Santo Tomas = Introduced the sociology in the Philippines| * | A.W Salt and Murray Bartlett = offered similar courses at the University Of the Philippines| * | Clyde Heflin = offered similar courses at the Silliman University at Dumaguete| * | Conrade Benitez and Luis Rivera, Filipino Social Scientists = taught sociology courses using materials that went western in orientation| Development of Sociology in the Philippines

| 2nd Stage :Sociology As Problem or Welfare Oriented=| * | 1938 – Serafin N. Macaraig is the first Filipino to acquire doctorate degree in sociology and to write a sociology textbook, An Introduction to Sociology.| * | Sociology made a little dent on the academic communities.| * | H. Otley Beyer merged into a department the sociology and anthropology that is why some social research studies about Phillippine Ethnic Groups are made.| * | Sociology gained more academic recognition in the 40’s but very little systematic social research was conducted in the field.|

| 3rd Stage :Sociology As Scientific Orientation|
* | 1950’s – increased number of educational exchange program grantees, the establishment of social science research centers and councils , the growing frequency of conferences , and the publication of professional journals| * | 1952 – Philippines Sociological Society, organized by the different educators and visiting professors in U.P. , A.D.M.U and Silliman University. Its main objective to teach and train the students and teacher about social behavior and problems. They began publishing Philippine Sociological Review| * | 1957 – Community Development Research Council (CDRC) was created to conduct or support social science...
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