Sociology and Nursing

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Why Sociology Is Important To Nursing
1) Introduction

As an introduction, generally, sociology is mainly the study of society, communities and people whereas nursing is a profession which focused on assisting individuals, families, and communities in attaining, maintaining and recovering optimal health and functioning.

In this assignment, I will describe the definition of Sociology, the definition of nursing and explain why sociology is very important and is relevant to nursing practice. I hope this assignment will show the relevance of sociology to nursing practice and that will develop more professional and very reliable nurses.

2) Definition of Sociology

“Sociology” comes from the Latin word Socius (companion) and the ending
–ology from the Greek logos (word). At a very general level, Sociology can be understood as the study of society as society itself has a huge influence on what we do, how we think and who we are. Sociology is essentially the study of people, by people – how people form cultures, societies, organizations, laws, beliefs, families, religions, and all other aspects of human life.

Sociology reflects a wide range of differing views about how the world can be analyzed. People are social creatures who require the existence and actions of others in order to survive. People are the producers of society, but they are also the products of society.

Instead of simply accepting society as it exists, with all its inequalities and injustices, Sociology helps people make sense of why these inequalities exist, assists in challenging the norms of any society, and aids in changing the inequalities that still

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