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Topics: Sociology, Anthropology, Culture Pages: 4 (633 words) Published: July 20, 2013
Ateneo de Zamboanga University
College of Liberal Arts
Social Sciences Department

SoAn101 Course Outline
Prepared by:Ms. Cindy Quaile

Title of the Course:Sociology-Anthropology 101
Course Description:This is an introductory course that highlights the basic concepts and dynamic processes of the individual and society as well as culture. This 3-unit course will be divided into two: the first half focuses on Sociology while the second half on Anthropology Course ObjectivesAt the end of this course, the student is expected to: a. Understand how society and its culture affects his way of life b. Improve their social skills in order to interact better with all kinds of people c. Develop appreciation and tolerance towards other people’s way of life in such a way that promotes peace and unity within the Western Mindanao region d. Take concrete steps in improving the society in which they live. Guiding Principle: …’Love your neighbor as you love your self’ Luke 10:27b Course Requirements:Attendance;Class Participation

Assignments; seatworks, groupworks, projects
Quizzes; long exams
Midterm Exam and Final exam

* A student may be exempted from the final exam if he/ she earned a grade of 90% or better in the midterm exam and 2nd quarter Class Standing Grading System:*Before SY 2011-2012- Old system
*2011-2012 Curriculum- using Percentage Correct
Final Grade = (Midterm Grade + 2nd Qtr Class Standing + Final Exam)/3 Midterm Grade =( 2(1st Quarter Class Standing) + Midterm Exam)/3

*Midterm and Final exams are departmentalized; meaning all Soan101 classes regardless of student course and teacher will take the same test items.

Course Content
Part I.Anthropology
A. What is Anthropology? - Source: Author’s name, title, Year; or website 1. Branches of Anthropology
2. Relationship Between Sociology and Anthropology
B. Culture
1. What is Culture?
2. Types, Components and...

References: Henslin, James T. 2003. Sociology, A Down-To-Earth Approach
Macionis, John J
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