Sociology and Moderate Alcohol Consumption

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By examining the differences in a society over a period of time and by using the sociological imagination. The influence of history placed on us as individuals we can explain private problems in social issues such as divorce, births and child behavior and contribute to its increase.

Some things that might cause a married couple to divorce, like infidelity, finances, abuse, incompatibility, and unwillingness to compromise are some of the more common. These are troubles or personal problems people have as individuals that are actually public issues. And they are things that would probably contribute to divorces. However, they alone do not answer for the increasing numbers in divorces over the last 100 years. These are issues and problems facing a society as a group. There is probably LESS cheating, abuse and money issues in America than it was 50 years ago, so why more divorce? Also because women’s roles changed so rapidly, the birth rate has dropped and so there is less penalty for a divorce. Because the social stigma against divorce has been whittled down from "family shame on everyone" to "unfortunate, but acceptable".

Teenage Pregnancy

Family is needed in an agricultural society to help with the farm labors and in a rural society you are more familiar with your neighbors. Because of this familiarity, people in agricultural and rural societies are able to foster more primary relationships, or meaningful relationships with family and friends rather than secondary relationships which are acquaintances or colleagues with whom you don’t foster a deeper friendship. The move from an agricultural to industrial society has also affected this change because in an agricultural society, children were necessary to help with the chores and the farm, but as industrialization and urbanization occurred, children became less important as a source of labor and therefore less vital to family survival. Along with urbanization and mobility is the decrease in the number...
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