Sociology and Mary Kay

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Final Paper-PHL/717
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Final Paper-PHL/717

The Mary Kay Cosmetic Company has upheld the standards and vision of the founder Mary Kay Ash. The principles, ethics, integrity, and dream that Mary Kay Ashe founded has implemented introduced on a national basis. The concept of the business has been duplicated on a global level and has flourished to supporting women around the world. The tradition to enrich women’s lives through the cosmetic industry has proven through the growth and expansion of the company. This paper will show and identify the empirical methods in deriving the paradigms in the industry of cosmetic.

Mary Kay International Programs and Government Relations have developed programs to increase the strength within the cosmetic industry. The Mary Kay International department has developed a program called the “The Mary Kay Global Leadership Program.” This leadership program was developed to support recruiting on an international level while expanding team building for both National Sales Directors and Sales Directors. The program was designed to expand the sales force and allow directors to travel abroad with potential growth to recruitment and increase economics. There are different definitions and views of paradigm. However, “paradigm as it pertains to this paper illustrates the framework used to view the direction in which research should take and how it should be performed.” The Government Relations department has directed reported “Since 1976 and for the past 45 years Mary Kay, Inc. has been support by the government in recognizing that the Mary Kay, Inc. functions as a direct selling.

Mary Kay Ash has a simple philosophy that mounted to enormous success. Sales consultants would buy the products at wholesale prices and then sell them at retain prices. Mary Kay Inc. concepts of followed that of philosopher Peter Drucker. According to Drucker and his well known remarks such as “People are a company’s greatest assest.” Ash was known to repeat these words when she spoke of her organization and its principals. Ash always spoke of the Golden Rule-“Treat others as you want to be treated-and operated by the motto: God first, family second, and career third. This concept has driven success for more than 45 years.

Mary Kay Inc., is a company that believes in reward s and recognition for its employees. The rewards program is a success and is proven to stand behind its Sales Directors and Consultants. As a former Director with Mary Kay, I had an opportunity to promote, mentor, and earn the use of a Mary Kay car. The unit as a whole supported the vision that remains a strong outreach within the company today. As we consider the Hermeneutical aspect of history and theoretical aspect of apparent approaches and tradition. As I reflect and understand the hermeneutical aspect of history, I believe that stand or view here is more from a theoretical view. “According to Gadamer (1960) p. 159, the historical consciousness must become conscious that in the apparent immediacy with which it approaches a work of art or a traditional text. The unrecognized and unregulated.” When trying to understand the historical phenomenon from the historical distance that is characteristic of our hermeneutical view. (p. 158) “As we look at what will appear as an object of investigation, and we forget half of what really is-we miss the whole phenomenon. I believe that text is telling us that the historical objectivism resembles statistics, which means propaganda because they let “fact” stimulate the objectivity that depends on the legitimacy of the questions being asked.” (p. 159) “While looking at the framework of Horkeheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, and Habermas’ the studies and theories of an interdiscipilinary, critical social scientific programme means that the research and techniques are focused on current social questions and issues. These two views were set around two...

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