Sociology and Film Snow White

Topics: Sociology, Bourgeoisie, Marxism Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 9, 2012
First topic: Writing about a film
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by the Grimm Brothers.
I plan on focusing on Marxist’s views on society and class struggle between the bourgeois class who owned the factories and the proletariat class who worked for them. Karl Marx did advocate for a revolution in which it would overthrow the middle classes. Hence, everyone would share equal amount of goods because there would be no class hierarchy. In Snow White the main character was expected to be modest, industrious, humble, honest, and self-denying. Her prince was courageous and strong. (Maybe elaborate on how it provides a 19th century gender role) The dwarves demonstrated the positive values of the industriousness and loyalty. Their role is similar to that of peasants and artisan classes because they show the value of hard work and solidarity. Through their role of playing this lower socioeconomic class they maintain a stable social order and bring out the power of the Queen, the bourgeoisie. Snow white takes up the role of the women and helps out the dwarves and in return they work outside to bring in food/money. However, the queen’s power is brought out when the dwarves are powerless to protect Snow White from her. Lastly, Marx’s “revolution” is stated when the queen dies and everything is restored to a social order and division of social classes. Second Topic: Writing about a second film

Toy Story 3
With this topic I plan to cover Marxist’s views on the value of production and labor. For instance, the toys. They only serve for one purpose, for one job, one value. That is, the production and reproduction of getting a child’s attention. That’s what they produce, attention. The toys in Toy Story 3, like any other postindustrial society, generate attention. Instead of bothering their parents, what does a child do? The child attends to his or her toys. This is were the concept of labor value comes in. If the toys do not get the child’s attention, then they are...
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