Sociology and Anticipatory Socialization

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Dayana’s Group
Case Study
The Church Search

1.) How have Marsha’s experiences so far represented aspects of the anticipatory socialization process? Is it also possible to consider anticipatory socialization from the point of view of the church searching for a new pastor? What does anticipatory socialization look like from the organization’s point of view?

* There are a couple experiences Marsha went through so far that represent aspects of the anticipatory socialization process. The first is when she is in her living room reading through the profiles of churches, when she stubbles upon Nancy’s church she knew their values and mission matched her commitments. That’s where she got a general idea of Nancy’s congregation. Secondly when Nancy and Marsha meet up at the restaurant, is where Marsha would get a real good feel of the organization through what Nancy is discussing. With Nancy arriving with a long step process of things to do it shows Marsha how enthusiastic the church is and gives Marsha a good idea of what it would be like to work as a pastor there before actually starting. * Yes, it is possible to consider anticipatory socialization through the point of view of the church. By the search committee reading the pastors’ profile of past, values, goals, strengths, and etc. they can get a good idea of who would make a good fit for their organization. * The anticipatory socialization looks at the prospected employee just as she looks at the church. The organization looks at their resumes and interview processes to get a general idea of what kind of person and worker the employee might be before their start with the organization.

2.) During the weekend ahead, what questions should Marsha anticipate during the interview process? What questions should she ask? What are the various functions that the interview will serve for both Marsha and the congregation?

* Some questions Marsha should be anticipating during the interview...
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