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# Man is a social animal – Greek Philosopher
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# Man behaviour nfO{ physical / social forces g} determined ub{5 . h'g dflg; cfkm\gf] lgoGq0fdf lng

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# Society is the web of social relationship.
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# Sociology is the mother social service of other social service.

- By Ram Prasad Pokhrel (Teaching Assistant, Post Graduate Campus, Biratnagar) / - 1

Chapter 1
The term sociology was coined (used) by Auguste Comte, a French Philosopher, in 1839, who is one of the founding fathers of sociology. Others three are Max Webber, Ermile Durkhiemade and Herbert Spencer. Auguste Comte introduced to the term ‘sociology’ in his famous book “The Course Of Positive Philoshopy”. The teaching of sociology as a separate discipline started in 1876 in the USA; in 1889 in France. The department of sociology/anthropology was established in 1981 in Nepal, under the chairmanship of Chaitayjaat Mishra at TU.

Sociology is the youngest of all the social science. The word ‘sociology’ is derived from the Latin word ‘societo’ meaning ‘society’ and the Greek word ‘logos’ meaning ‘study or science’. Thus, the etymological meaning of ‘sociology’ is the science of society. Sociology is the study of man’s behaviour in groups or of the interaction among human beings of social relationship and the processes by which human group activity takes place. In general, the major subjects of the sociology are society and human behaviour. Therefore, we can say sociology is not only study of man’s behaviour, it is the science of society, or of social phenomena, it studies of the relationships between man and his environment. Sociology is also the scientific study of the structural of socialize and society.

Now we may come to conclusion that sociology is concerned with human relationship, its emphasis is on the ‘social aspect of these relationships. Its real subject matter is social relationship. The basis of social interaction or social processes is social relationships. Man becomes a social animal only when he enters into social relationship. The different aspects of social life viz. political in economic are but the expressions of social relationship economic are but the expressions of social relationships. The sociologists attempt to discover the evolution of society, its systems and structures, the development of social institutions and their functions, the customs and rules regulating social relationships, and the phenomena of social change.

Some of the definitions of sociology are given below:
1. ‘Sociology is the study of human interaction and interrelationship their condition and consequences.’ – M. Gimsberg
2. ‘Sociology is the science which attempts the interpretive understanding of social action.’ – Max Weber
3. ‘Sociology may be defined as a body of knowledge about human relationships. - J.F. Cuber’ 4. Sociology is a body of learning about society. It is a description of ways to make society better. It is a social ethics, a social philosophy. Generally, however it is defined as a science of society. –W.F. Ogburn

Sociology is a science of society of social relationship, study of social life, study of human behaviour in group, study of social action, forms of social relationship, social groups or social system.

On the basis of these definitions we may conclude the science of society and society is the web of social relationship. Thus, sociology is the science which studies the social relationships that Downloaded from / -2

happen in the process of interaction and interrelation among individuals in social groups. Therefore, forms of social relationship is the subject matter of...
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