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WHAT DO SOCIOLOGIST MEAN BY THE WAY SOCIETY SHAPES WHAT INDIVIDUALS BECOME AND HOW HAVE THEY USED AND DEBATE THIS CONCEPT Every man has a degree of interdependency with the rest of his surroundings, which include fellow man and external influence thus the society. Within the greater society individuals form many groups at different times; this may be temporary or permanent, these groups include family, gangs (peer), corporation (work), etc. These groups are important to the sociologist; because sociology is “the study of people in social groups” (Taylor et al, 1995).In addition these groups go a long way to shape what the individual becomes. Furthermore Sociologies argue that “to be able to understand individual experiences we have to look beyond the personal circumstances in which they occur.” It is important to examine the structure of society and those institutions which reach down into their personal circumstances and shape the individual (ibid). To be able to understand such analogies we have to see things through the eyes of sociologies, the framework that explains this is Sociological imagination-C.W Mills stated “neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” (Mills, C.W. 1959) .An example is in a society where the percentage of employment is very high the pockets of people not in employment may be seen as not trying hard enough, but in a situation where the unemployment is high ; the system will have to be looked into to see if there are opportunities and training for employment. It would be impossible to describe a group of people without knowledge of their culture, because it is the sum of their way of life; it portrays their identity thus values, norms etc., culture also distinguishes one society from the other, again it changes over time. For instance in some African societies it is a sign of disrespect if you establish eye contact with an elderly person...
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