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In Invitation to Sociology the author Peter L. Berger discusses how sociology can be deceptive and change the way we perceive the surrounding world and even ourselves. He gets us to look at the sociological world differently. Social reality has been known to have many layers of meaning and when the new layers are discovered it changes the perception of the whole. The article makes very good points to the social world and also could make a person rethink your social world so people are aware of the issues that they had never thought about before in the social world.

According to Berger there are different types of people who should stay away from Sociology, such as people who have no curiosity for a sociological aspect like human beings and wonder how other people are. Being Social is a big part of becoming interested in sociology, the ones who are not interested in sociology will not attempt to be social with one another and would stay behind closed doors to the world. It is true that people with in the society take life for granted and does not look at the world in a social way. Peter Berger does makes a good point about fascinations and interests of living in a large city. Very often when a person lives in the city they find themselves doing an immense amount of human activities. When a person lives a in a big community whether it is in the city, or a suburban area they find themselves always doing something and maybe it’s something in the social world that that never occurred to them before. All people live in different ways but making another interpretation you can tell how a person’s life is by just looking at the facade of a house. That is what the sociological world is for to look at a facade of a home and discover the social mysteries of them by being social.

The world is a very curious place and a wonderful place for sociology to be enforced, the social world is full of discoveries and there are many people are not aware of many issues that in...
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