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Millions of Americans tend to abuse the use of illegal drug, and regularly become reoccurring drug addicts. Drug addiction in the use of illegal drugs can exceed more than a billion dollars annually in the United States alone. Drug abuse can also affect health including mental disorders that are described to be a destructive pattern of using a substance that leads to important problems. Drug abuse is known to lead to problems involving withdrawal which occurs in heavy users of substances. Withdrawal is medically known to last days to weeks at times; depending on how long the individual has been involved in the drug usage. It is a painful process that affects the breathing and sleeping of addicts, most drug addicts tend to choose to continue doing drugs instead of going through the agenizing pains that come along the effects of the withdrawal process. Drug abuse may also influence crime-related activities such as stealing from loved ones to obtain money needed to buy drugs. Half of the people arrested for serious crimes have been under the effect of drugs including murder, robbery and assault. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports that “approximately 70 percent of state prisoners and 57 percent of federal prisoners used drugs on a regular basis during incarceration.” More than 14 percent of patients have confirmed to abusing drug usage. 20 percent of all hospitals costs are nearly $1million of every $4 Medicare spends on impatient care is dealing with substance abuse. More than half of the individuals in state prison/jails have illegal used drugs regularly. The economic burden of drug addicts in the U.S. is two times more effective than any other disease affecting the brain which can include Parkinson’s which is an untreatable nervous disorder and Alzheimer’ which affects the memory and causes patients to have a sense of dementia....

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