Topics: Gang, Illegal drug trade, Organized crime Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Venkatesh wondered how JT would act next time he saw him since he witnessed him beat up C-Note. C-Note was hospitalized, recuperated, and returned to Robert Taylor. JT later invited Venkatesh to his daughter’s birthday party. JT was very protective of his private life. Venkatesh was affected by C-Notes beating. He wanted to ask JT about it but refrained, he also wanted to call the cops about the assault but he did nothing. JT had a senior officer beat Brass, a squatter who refused to pay the fee, Prince beat him to a death almost. Venkatesh was uncomfortable seeing this. JT explained that it would be okay and that’s how things had to be around there to teach people lessons. Venkatesh asks about the comparison of C-Note and Brass. He understood Brass didn’t pay the fee but didn’t understand why C-Note was beat for not doing anything. JT explains that he had told C-Note he couldn’t work there and by going back on his word he was challenging JT’s authority so he had to beat him. JT was always worried that the other members wanted to dethrone him and claim his territory. 1990 was peak for crack industry in gangs, gangs were profiting large amounts of money. Teenagers were getting into drug trade to make money, law enforcement and others were trying to get these kids in school and menial work away from drug trade. Kids were more willing to see drugs then do the menial work. Prosecutors won the right to treats gangs as organized criminal groups so prison sentences were longer. Gang was run like a business. They monitored their economic progress and sales. They had a board of directors and range of hierarchy. JT explains that the gang has to constantly be thinking about money: keeping it safe, protecting themselves from others, and investing it. JT says that their organization is about helping the community so they want to get involved with politicians. They donate 10,000$ to politicians and the politicians keep them safe and...
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