Topics: Sociology, Auguste Comte, Psychology Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: October 9, 2013
A sociological look can provide a number of unique benefits and perspectives. A way of understanding sociology can be done through sociological perspective, which allows us to see general patterns in the behavior of people.  By having a better understanding of the world around you, you learn why the world acts the way it does. Not only this, but it also helps your understanding in day-to-day life.  Besides the fact that sociology gives us an understanding of the world we live in, it can also help us to understand ourselves in terms of the roles we play. Members of every society rely on social structure of thought and action to make sense out of daily situation. Social structure gives our lives shape, this can apply to the environment around us such as our workplace, family, or at school. We can now have a better understanding of how our life chances are shaped by our educational opportunities, economic realities, and as well as by policies and laws that affected our choices.  Sociology can also help you become a more tolerant, acceptant, and culturally sensitive individual. You may not agree with people’s actions or views, but you can have clearer understanding as to why different groups of people act in a certain way, or believe in a certain idea. Another way Sociology can help in everyday life is learning how to perceive any given issue from everyday life. For example, when something happens to you that would've normally caused you to be emotionally invested, with your enhanced understanding of the world, and situations allows you not to stress so much about perceived problems, but instead learn from them, and move on.  Lastly, Sociology has helped shape and guide us in our daily lives. It will help you understand how society functions and why some things work the way they do. It makes you appreciate and have a broader understanding of other cultures and as well as a better understanding into the human interaction. It makes you aware of problems that are...

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