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MacIver : “Society is a web of social relationship, which is always changing.” Morris Ginsberg: “ A society is a collection of individuals united by certain relations or mode of behavior which mark them off from others who do not enter into these relations or who differ from them in behavior”. In short, the state of dynamic equilibrium of inter-relationship between different parts of human group and people can be defined as society.

Characteristics of society:
1. Society consists of people:
2. Society implies interdependence
3. Society depends on likeness
4. Society rests on differences too
5. Society is dynamic

Society and business administration Relationship:
* Society is divided into pre-industrial and industrial society which itself indicates the relationship between society and business administration. * Looking at the various perspective: shareholders/managers

: Consumers
: Employees

Society and business administration Examples:
* Products are developed by an organization by focusing a prominent society. Products developed for people of Nepal will be different than the products developed for the people of America. We can see these differences of the products from one community to another all over the globe.

Ogburn & Nimkoff: “ A Community is a group or collection of groups that inhabits locality.” E.S. Bogardus: “community is a social group with some degree of ‘we feeling’ and living in a given area.” In short, Community is, therefore, a geographic area having common center of interests and activities. Its an area of social living. Examples : village, tribe, city, district etc.

Characteristics of community:
1. The social homogeneity
2. Dominance of primary relations.
3. Informal social control
4. Occupations
5. Importance of family

Community and business administration Relationship:
* Business creates a community of beneficiaries such as employees, contractors, vendors and even customers in the local geography. * Community creates a fulfilling relationship with business organization. * In today’s hyper connected world, a company’s community has few geographical barriers; it comprises all customers and interested parties, not just local neighbors.

Community and business administration Examples:
* Employees from the different community are engaged in an organization, so an organization uses several motivational techniques to combine the effort of the employees. Chilime Hydropower provides 200 shares of the company to everyone of Rasuwa Community for coordination and help during the project.

Robert Blerstedt: “Culture is the complex whole that consists of all the ways we think and everything we have as members of society.” Edward B. Tylor :” culture is that complex which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” Culture is a very board and complex term that includes in itself al our way of life, our modes of behavior, our philosophy and ethics, norms & values, morals & manners, customs & traditions, religious, political, educational, economic and other types of activities.

Characteristics of culture:
1. Culture is learnt
2. Culture is social
3. Culture is shared
4. Culture is transmissive
5. Culture varies from society to society

Culture and business administration Relationship:
* To know before you go is an essential skill in the world of, to succeed in this competitive market one should be well known to the culture around your business enterprise. * Learning the culture and practices of company’s business associates is well armed to expand company’s global reach.

Culture and business administration Examples:
* Business organization management develops the products after studying the culture of the people where it is targeted to sell it. Culture of the...
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