Topics: Sociology, Erving Goffman, Conversation analysis Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Sociologists Erving Goffman suggests that human interaction on a day to day basis is very similar to performing on stage. There is always an audience and always a performer. This can be related to going on a date. One is always trying to impress the other. When one is speaking you can consider them as being the performer and the listener the audience. In this type of conversation the roles will flip flop. Throughout these conversations both are waiting for the others true character or true person to be revealed. Goffman also suggests Impression management which refers to people’s efforts to present themselves to others in ways that are most favorable to their own interests or image. This can also happen in the same scenario. While on a date especially a first date people tend to impress the other so that they are more appealing to the other. They will also downplay any faults to save face. However they will let’s say brag about personal accomplishments or successes. You may also find that once an interest or hobby is brought to light by one the same interest comes out in the other person possibly to a greater extent then the truth. In this type of interaction or scenario you may also come across studied nonobservance which is a face saving technique in which one role player ignores the flaws in another’s performance to avoid embarrassment for everyone involved. For example if during this conversation one person realizes that the other is using wrong terminology out of context you would never point it out to save yourself and that person any type of embarrassment. Goffman was in the early development of the sociology of emotions.

Sociologist Harold Garfinkel had a different theory or concept. Garfinkel suggested Ethnomethodology the study of the commonsense knowledge that people use to understand the situations in which they find themselves. The expectancies of a person while interacting with another. While you are hanging out with your friends having...
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