Topics: Sociology, Patriarchy, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Evaluate feminist views on the role and functions of religion in society today. (33) Introduction:
* many of the key points to be made (briefly outlined)
* Definition of terms stated in the essay title.
* sets up the debate between the different theories and different sociological views/interpretations Skill: EvaluateEstimate/ assess/ gauge/ weigh up/

Feminists see society as patriarchal, that is, based on male domination and oppression of females. A number of Feminists see religion as patriarchal as a system that continues to oppress and dominate women in society. Feminists view religious beliefs as patriarchal ideology that continues to maintain the inequality between men and women. However, not all sociologists and even Feminists agree with this view. Other sociologists see religion as having a function to maintain order, values consensus and stability in society or as a means to serve the interests of the ruling classes. Main Body: Argument For (4 paragraphs)

Paragraph style:
√ set out point- POINT
√ Use an example or case study to explain your point – EXPLAIN √ refer/relate to the question- make the point relevant – RELEVANT √ Briefly evaluate the point made. Do other sociologists agree are there any ‘however’ ‘on the other hand’ or ‘other sociologists’ think this… points to make? - EVALUATE Argument against (4 paragraphs)

Within religion Feminists would argue that there is evidence of patriarchy and that many religious organisations are male dominated even though there are usually more women practicing religion than there are men. For example in the Roman Catholic Church women are forbidden to become Priests, Karen Armstrong sees this as evidence for patriarchy and marginalisation; where women are not considered for high positions within the Church.
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