Topics: Earth, Maya civilization, Religion Pages: 3 (627 words) Published: January 9, 2013
|COMPARISON MATRIX – Creation Myths | |There are 12 boxes to fill in and 1 personal observation/reflection question for you to answer under the chart. This personal observation/reflection question is worth 10 points and must have at least 50 words. | |Characteristics/Traits |Adapted from: Copyright © - Hawaii Geographic Alliance | | | |July, 2002. All Rights Reserved. NCVPS REVISED 07/25/2010 | | | |Inuit |Mayan | List at least one similarity or difference you notice for each | | | | | |characteristic/trait. I have provided an example for the first one. | | |How was the world created? |The Raven beat his wings, and this created the |The two gods (Tepeu and Gucumatz) came together. The |Both myths have bird imagery. The Inuit myth mentions earth and | | |  |earth and the waters. |world was dark, and the feathers of these two gods |water, and the Mayan myth mentions the two colors of blue and green | | | | |glittered with the blue and green colors. Whatever |which might be symbolic of earth and water. The Inuit myth has one | | |...
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